Return Policy

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We do not accept returns on coffee. We Do Not Accept Returns for the following reasons : 1. Once a product is opened it is open to an infinite number of contaminates. What this means is even if we did accept returns on it, the product would need to be discarded because we do not know the purity of the product anymore. 2. Due to the Natural Degeneration of Coffee, there is a literal time factor involved with when a coffee is deemed fresh and passes certain quality control checks. Do to the time it takes to deliver and then resend the product, not to mention any days in between, the coffee would be considered almost past its prime. Our coffee has a shelf life of roughly 1 year from the time its roasted, while our prime is typically a month to 2 months after roast date. 3. Due to the cost involved, in almost every case it becomes cost prohibitive to reship the coffee back to us.